Plan B

With the recent failure to meet with certain laws that certain states require on cars that are driven like 500 miles a year, we needed another plan.

We had talked about taking the car back to Nebraska to register it there. After all there’s a chance it’s going to end up there at some point anyway.

If Red was going to make the trip it needed a few things: GReddy Emanage Ultimate, Avital 3100LX alarm with lock actuators, and maybe an AC compressor to start.

The alarm install was going well, the emanage install was going well right up until the car wouldn’t start.  I tried quite a few things, but it wouldn’t pass the ignition signal through.  At this point we running out time to be able to make the trip over the 4th of July week when we already had time off scheduled.  Sadly the MR2 will have to be put on hold and we will end up taking the 4Runner for this trip.


The original E manage Ultimate wasn’t new, in fact it had been around almost since the Ultimate version came out.  I picked up a second unit off of craigslist, but it had the exact same issues.  It turns out my plan to leave the APEXi AFC in place to look cool up front and allow for some on the fly adjustments was screwing me.  Apparently the tach signal for the AFC was screwing the emanage.  Kind of an odd problem that most people will probably never need to worry about, but now you know.

Unfortunately the emanage started working about 20 seconds before the ECU solid CEL problem re-appeared.

The alarm is installed, the emanage is 100% wired up, the car is back together, but now its on hold until I find another ECU.

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