Sponsors And Recommended Vendors

Official Sponsors:

These are companies that are sponsoring one or more of the vehicle builds you see here.  These are also companies that have products that I would have used and recommended with out the sponsorship.  You will never see a company represented here just because they offered me something free or cheap.  These are quality products that you know you can trust. 

You can find Toyo Tires on the majority of the fleet, and this isn’t by accident. The R1R is an absolute favorite tire of mine for cars that are built for the fun roads. For the daily drivers I use the Extensa HP. They have plenty of grip be it rain or shine, and seem to last forever. The couple of cars that don’t have Toyo’s under them? Well they just don’t have Toyo’s yet. They will.

I have been using Exedy Clutches for years. Both in my personal builds as well as for customer cars. I’ve never failed one of these clutches or been disappointed with one.

I’ve tried a lot of “upgraded” lights over the years.  From ricey blue  halogens that weren’t an upgrade in the slightest to HID’s both cheap and expensive.  The Dragon LEDZ have impressed me enough that I’ve removed other lighting upgrades in favor of these.  It’s hard to beat an upgrade over the “upgrades”!