Just Another Hybrid

Mom’s been driving the Sequoiasaurus since we originally left it in Nebraska. The only problem is that all she has done is drive it. Without any real regular maintenance, the brakes are gone, and the suspension is shot. Since the Sequoia is out for a while, mom needed a new ride, and there isn’t much in the Toyota family that’s more of a “Mom Ride” than the Lexus RX series.

This one happens to be an 06 Hybrid, so I’m sure it will be an educational experience. So far it isn’t doing too bad.

We drove down to Missouri to pick it up. Just far enough to get us out of the rust belt, but still close enough to make it a one day trip. Even though the car lot knew we were coming in true used car lot fashion the front tires were flat, the battery was dead, the gas tank was empty and it looked like it hadn’t been washed in a few weeks. They pumped up the tires, and jump started it, I drove it to the nearest gas station and put a few dollars worth of gas in it. Other than that, and the softer than normal suspension it seems to be in good shape. Unlike the HiC that we drove down in this Hybrid System seems designed more as a power adder than as an economy upgrade. The drive home was a lot more fun than than I expected for driving around in a mom mobile. Now lets hit Google and see if we can make it even more fun.

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