Let Me Borrow Your Brakes And Tires Right Quick

Red has an important date coming up soon (I hope) and part of the preparation involved borrowing a few last pieces from Whitey.  While Red’s brakes looked newer, I wasn’t positive what pads or compound they actually were.  Whitey was currently sitting with some like new Porterfield R4S pads that I like enough to have on most of my cars.  Since they will  probably will end up replaced with something larger to match the extra ponies from the 3SGTE swap in Whitey, Red got a great hand me down. While things were apart I decided to snag the Toyo Tires R1R’s from as well.  They have a quite a bit more grip that the Yokomaha S Drive’s that are now for sale, and there’s no reason to let them get old on a car that’s not currently driving.

To finish off the day I snapped a few photos showing off the tires and the current engine set up.

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