Universal Parts Be Gone!

When I picked up the 4AGE Silver Top engine for Red, it came with a universal Bosch o2 sensor.  I wasn’t really happy about it, but all of the forums claimed it worked great. My past experience with Bosch parts in Toyota cars told me to at least pick up a Denso universal part.  Well over the course of a few ECU’s I tried out both sensors.  Neither threw a code, but neither seemed to be perfect either.  I had a friend in Japan check in to getting a new silver top sensor but it wasn’t available.  After the change to black top electronics I had a look on Amazon Japan, and low and behold there it was …..


Of course when it arrived a few days later, the first thing I noticed was that the flange was wider than the classic Toyota one.  That meant I had to start doing a little fab work.

I just used some scrap steel laying around and lined up the existing hole in the material with the gasket when I marked out the piece. A short while later I had it zip screwed to the exhaust and ready to weld in place.

So far it seems to offer a much more stable driving experience.  Don’t get me wrong, the e manage still has to be there to make the black top tune work on the silver top engine, but so far things aren’t changing from drive to drive like they were before. Hopefully this is the last piece of the tuning puzzle for this one and it can get back to being driven and enjoyed rather than tinkered with!

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