The Hachi and the Hi C at Summerfest

At first you might think that cars like the Hachi and the Hi C wouldn’t have a reason to hang out.  Well you could be right until you think about a car show like Summerfest.  This is a show that’s open to pretty much anything, and a show where opposites might just be perfect together.

Antioch in the summer isn’t what I consider pleasant weather.  In fact “Fucking Hot” would be the term that I would use.  The Hachi comes from the early 80’s when things like Air Conditioning were actually an option.  An option that nobody bothered to check off on the Hachi’s original build sheet.  So since the Hi C happens to be a brand new car with tinted windows, and AC that works great all while only firing up the engine occasionally to sip some fuel it makes the perfect show car companion to the AE86.

I didn’t hide inside the Prius all day, I did get out to shoot some photos for my Automotive Collection as well talk to some people about both my cars and their cars.  Shows like this that are open to multiple makes and models are always fun for me.  While you can see a very distinct theme on the cars I own, that’s not do to my narrow mind, but mostly my narrow budget and space.  Trust me I could blow through lotto winnings in a matter of seconds filling multiple buildings with all sorts of cars and trucks.  A lot of the domestic guys and gals really warm up t0 the Hachi once you start talking to them about it and what the underpinnings actually look like.  I guess having a longitudinal mount engine and a solid rear axle out back sounds familiar to them.

Anyway here’s a few more snaps from Summerfest:

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