Mirror Mirror Falling Off My Car

On the way home from Summerfest I was messing around shooting photos of the Hi C, and funny thing happened.  I folded the mirror in and I heard a loud pop followed by a floppy mirror.  I folded up some paper to keep the mirror in place for the rest of the drive home until I could investigate.

Once I got the mirror off and on the bench I was able to see that nothing was broken per say.  The top clip had however popped off of the pivot. I used a file to clean up the retainer grooves, and then started on reassembly.  Let me say compressing that spring was a bitch!  I’m sure Toyota has a SST of some sort to accomplish this, but I didn’t have it.  I used several zip ties in stages to get the spring compressed. Once it was compressed I cut off enough zip ties that it finally fit over the pivot. I don’t think this is a long term repair as these parts are pretty worn and will need replaced, but for now it is holding.

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