Battered And Bruised

So we had just dropped off the Lexus at Rennwerks for an alignment, and were headed home.  It was after work, so of course traffic was backed up. And of course when I tried to merge in like a normal person the hooker I’m merging in front of speeds up to try and block me, but just ends up hitting the 1/4 panel on Red.  Apparently she had been “waiting in line forever”, unlike the other 98% of people on the road that could be civil with each other.

Anyway Red wasn’t hurt too badly, and the plastidip actually survived better than I thought it would.  A couple of stops by local body shops showed about $900 in damage, so a phone call to my insurance company was made.

Luckily they were willing to work with me and let me send them photos of the car to move the process along as fast as possible.  I really wanted to get it taken care of before we left for our X Mas Trip.  Anyway they were awesome, and here’s the rest of the photos that prove Red’s not a beater lol:

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