Being A Pillar Of The Community

Red has been coming along nicely.  You might have noticed something missing however.

That $#^%$&$^%$^#@&$% C Pillar Trim! Red came with trim but it was pretty rough.  I’ve sourced a few pieces from junk yards but it has also been pretty rough.  Eventually I found enough pieces to make things work.  The only thing missing?  The attachment points.

I 3d printed these little gems.  They have hex nuts insert into them, and then they are glued into place.

Stock (top) vs 3D printed (bottom)

First using acetone, and then beefing it up with 3M Structural Adhesive (not pictured). I used the factory T bolts to locate thing while they dried.

Fitment turned out pretty good.  Everything fit except for one bolt once they went on.  I’m sure they will get leaned on and cracked again, so I’ll leave that bolt until then.

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