Maintenance And Updates C Style

When we last left our Hi C hero, there were new LED’s and fresh vinyl installed.  The Dragon LEDz have turned out to be great, while the vinyl failed within 48 hours.  So the new fog lights have proven to by way brighter than the previous ones even with a tint over them now.  I may have to pick up a set for the truck next.

The “R Vinyl” vinyl lasted fine for 24 hours in the garage, but the next day in the sun it started peeling around the license plate dip and the corners of the upper grill.  The same places the last stuff lifted.  Obviously spending more money and sending a note to the company ahead of the order specifically asking if their vinyl would work on this part wasn’t enough.  At this point I’m either going to just plasti dip it or buy a new one to get rid of the rock chips.  Maybe someone could get vinyl to stick to this thing, but if it’s not easy to re-do whats the point?  I might as well re-paint it on a regular basis if its that much work to do the vinyl.

Of course we also rolled past the 60k mark, and got to replace the air filter and cabin filter once again!

Tried out the Chemical Guys Glossworkz Gloss Booster and Paintwork Cleanser auto wash, and I’m going to give it 2 thumbs up.  Lots of suds, and slick cleaning power.  The C spends more time in the harsh road conditions than anything, so it really enjoy’s a good weekly wash.

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