A Big Shock To The Rear End

Since the 4X Innovations bumper has gone on, the 4Runner hasn’t been quite the same.  It’s not unexpected that the added weight and moved weight from the spare tire changed the handling characteristics.  The first step to combating this was changing the rear springs.  It was better, but not perfect.  In an email conversation with help center at Bilstein they recommended trying the 4600 shocks for the 80 Series Land Cruiser.

They were only $75 each at Tire Rack, so it wasn’t a huge gamble.  They are better suited to the extra weight of the bumper, and come out at about 1.75″ longer than the OME shocks that they replaced.

I do have to say the welded “boot” of the Old Man Emu shocks made those far easier to deal with on the removal than the Bilstein counterparts going in.  This is mostly to do with the design of the 4Runner however.  Most vehicles don’t have such a shrouded upper mount.  The only down side so far is that now the rear brake line is too short to handle full droop.  New one going in shortly.

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