86 Fest at Laguna Seca

So on October 1st the question was asked who would show up if this event happened. It had enough interest shown that a couple days later it was announced that about 3 and a half weeks later the event was scheduled.

The event was set in the Laguna Seca Raceway Paddock during the Intercontinental GT Challenge 8 hour endurance race.  So if you somehow got bored of checking out the cars showing at the 86 Fest you could wonder off and check out the race cars.  The mix actually seemed to work out pretty well.

I spent most of the event keeping an eye on the Hachi, checking out the other 86’s and actually relaxing a bit.  As much fun as as this year has been taking two vehicles to all but 2 events, its been more than a little tiring to make that happen all while still trying to work on the other projects in between.

I did of course make some time to check out the cars working their way around the track.  I don’t really follow this series or any of the drivers.  That doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun to watch a few battles for position, or even just to hear these beasts make their way around the track.

To finish off the day we got to bring home some new hardware for the Hachi by way of the “Best AE86” award.

Full Photo Set

My fingers are crossed that this event happens again next year.  There is a ton of potential here if it can be planned with more than just a couple weeks of notice to bring in even more people.

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