Old School April 2018

It’s the end of the month, and that means Old School meet time!  Even though we’ve been busy trying to get the Truck and Hachi ready for the Dream Machines show I spent a little time to get a couple things finished up on the Camry so we could bring that out.  

The Camry made that drive with out much drama. There is a bit of what sounds like a bearing noise at higher speeds that comes and goes.  Something to think about in the coming weeks as I start installing and ordering the next several rounds of parts to get this thing ready for Radwood and Wekfest.

Anyway the Old School meet… as usual it was a good time.  It’s never quite the same selection of vehicles, but what is the same is the attitude.  Or more importantly the lack of attitude.  Easily the easiest group of people to hang out with and chat cars.  The only down side to this is finding time to shoot photos.  That might be why there’s only a few photos below to check out.  I’ll try to snap a few more next month, because yes we will be there again.

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