T4R At The JAI of Car Week

This was the second year of the Japanese Automotive Invitational.  Last year my biggest goal after seeing this display was to get my own cars involved this year.  Well with the recent move, the closest I came this year was the truck in parking lot.  Yeah that sucked but I still went to see what they had rounded up this year.  The collection was once again awesome.  Some cars were the same or similar to last year, but there was enough new stuff to keep it interesting.  I particularly enjoy the environment that these are presented in.  Its much more adult than your average “import” event.  Proof that the Japanese Classics are starting to gain a bit more respect in the high end auto community.  Hopefully this leads to more being saved, and the possibility of better parts availability.

The other half of this display is of course the Infiniti display.  this year showing off their new electric line up.  While I’m not personally a huge fan of electric cars for various reasons.  I do have to say these were some of the better looking “future-mobiles” I have seen.

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