Radwood San Francisco 2019

Radwood this year had a much different feel.  Maybe not for anyone else, but for us it did.  No mad rush to finish cars, no multiple day detail sessions.  No waking up at dawn to make the drive out.  It was all a bit weird.  Technically the 4Runner was given the go for Radwood LA last year, but I pulled it and the Camry out of the mix when they announced the location would be at the Petersen Museum.  Yes, I’m still boycotting the museum based on them telling me a paper bag would be good enough to hold my $2000 each camera lenses and that my actual camera bag was suddenly no longer allowed inside.  Anyway we most likely could have registered the 4Runner for this event, but giving everything that’s happened we haven’t really been on top of the car show game.  We also don’t really have a great spot to detail and then keep a car clean.  So we went as just spectators.  Shocking I know!

We arrived early to get some roll in shots, and have a better chance of getting uninterrupted photos of the vehicles.  For the most part this worked pretty well for us.  The only down side was that by the time the show was actually starting we were already getting baked by the sun and ready to grab some lunch, which means we bailed a bit early and missed a good portion of the non car side of the show. I’m sure you’re just here for the cars away so I’ve included the first round here.  I’ve got a lot more to edit so there is more coming.


In the meantime, I  do have to call out the Radwood guys on a flaw:

We had an “Island Hoppers” themed Volkswagen Vanagon in one row, and in the next row over was a Ferrari 308.  Why didn’t we get these parked next to each other?  Ocean side would have been preferred, but at least next to each other!  (image 3 stolen from the web to educate those that may not understand my problem with this snafu).


And I have to admit a flaw of my own. Part of the Radwood show has been to dress in “period correct” clothes.  The only problem for me? I’m so fashion challenged that I don’t really recognize these styles as being outdated. Yes I’m painfully aware this puts me fully in to old man status.


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