Dreamy Detail

One of these is almost always pretty clean, and usually doesn’t need much to get it show ready.  The other plays in the dirt, works hard, and still “looks cool dirty” so it’s not pampered quite as much.  The Hachi got the usual wash with Chemical Guys soap and some V07 applied to the sealant already on it.  Then just a quick wipe down of the engine bay components with some quick detailer.

The 4Runner on the other hand was first washed, then buffed with V38 polish, then covered with the Butter Wet Wax.  Then I had to move under and in the truck.

To clean up the frame and suspension from the years of mud and dirt and make it presentable at a show I started with a diluted mixture of Orange Degreaser, and a good scrubbing.  Once it was clean I switched over to the Bare Bones Under Carriage Spray to shine things back up and protect them.  I won’t claim this to be the cleanest truck out there, but this combo did do an amazing job at making a real working truck look good enough to show.

The interior wasn’t terrible and was mostly taken care of with some Inner Clean and a good vacuuming.

After a soapy power wash and rinse the under hood was finished up with a combo of Wash & Wax  and Silk Shine Dressing for the rubber and plastic.

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