The Lightning Fast Intake Of Air.



If you saw my cryptic post on Instagram, regarding a recent order from Japan, well you probably already guessed by the lead shot whats in one of those boxes.




Yep the Blitz Suction Kit. If you’ve looked at this on eBay, or some other website you might think I’m crazy spending this much money on “just a pipe”.  Well first lets talk about the money side.  I was hesitant to order as well based on the US pricing.  When I found it on Amazon Japan, the price was much more favorable even with the shipping added on.  If you’re worried about shipping time, all I can say is I had mine in my hands in 4 days from the date I ordered it, and that was over a weekend!

Before we talk about performance I have to say that this isn’t my only performance upgrade in the air department.  No you didn’t miss a post, I haven’t posted this quite yet.

I have been working on a 3D printed velocity stack for the inlet of the air box.  This is my second generation piece and made a noticeable different on the butt dyno.  All of the Blitz testing has been done with this in place, and I will have a full post on this as soon as I’m completely done with it.

Factory vs Blitz intake pipes.  This should be enough to show you how much better the Blitz piece could be able to flow air around the curve and then gradually taper to the throttle body.  Its a 1.5 liter with a 45mm throttle body, how much air does it need?  Well my answer is more than the factory system can provide.  Cars are always a bundle of compromises.  With the combustion engine only on part time duty it makes sense that Toyota went to great lengths to keep it as quite as possible.  They obviously would want to keep the transitions as minimally intrusive as they could to not annoy your average buyer.  This buyer however was far more annoyed with needing to put the pedal to the floor to maintain speed up hills or try and safely pass someone on the freeway.  The combination of velocity stack and Blitz kit has certainly increased the noise. However it has also increased the breathing ability and ultimately the power output in a far more favorable way than any minor annoyance from a little bit more noise could ever offset.  My only mistake was not ordering this the minute I signed the paperwork for the car.


5/20/18 Update:

If you are trying to do the install yourself, and don’t happen to be able to read the Japanese only instructions, hopefully this will help with how to remove the existing components.

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