Firming Up That Mid Section

The second box that showed up with my Blitz Intake Kit was my Cusco Center Brace.  Most of the Cusco line of parts for the NHP10 is larger than Amazon Japan wants to ship, this one however is the perfect size to make the flight over in only a few days.

Installation is literally only two bolts.  The Prius C has captive nuts in the body, the exhaust is clearanced around the brace, it just doesn’t come with a brace here. I’ve heard that the Yaris chassis mate does come with the brace, but why bother “upgrading” to some flimsy stamped steel when the Cusco piece isn’t much more money, and is so much stronger?

I can’t comment on how this would help a stock car, but if you have (or are planning to) upgraded suspension, a center brace is on my list of must have items.  This has made a noticeable difference on some of the huge bumps, dips, and just shit roads on our normal commute route.  The car feels much more composed then it did with out it.  Something tells me there is more Cusco in the Hi-C’s future.

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