A Looming We Will Go

The Camry is officially up and running.  Or at least starting and able to verify that the wiring works anyway.  I still have a high idle and a radiator that isn’t in the right space to even be hooked up yet.  That being said I want to finalize the harness now that I know its not throwing any errors.  For the Red MR2 I used expandable tubing.  I like the look and ability of this over the standard split loom.  The problem with the expandable tubing is that it doesn’t fit easily over connectors.  I could unpin a whole lot of stuff to slip the expandable tubing and heat shrink on, but I decided to try a different route instead.

This should offer the look and flexibility of the expandable stuff with the ease of split loom installation.

While I’m finishing up wiring I needed a few things for the power supply side.  I picked up a 100 Amp Busman circuit breaker for the alternator feed wire, as well as 150 Amp circuit breaker for a future audio upgrade.  The Fusible Link is for the alternator current sense wire.

I also picked up a little help for the looming process from another 80’s icon!

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