If One Is Good, Two Must Be Better

So the other day my Z-Edge Z3 Dash Cam had a bit of an issue, and went to a blue screen.  On the dash cam that means about the same as is does on your PC.  After trying the companies firmware update with no luck, I reached out to them, and they told me they would send me a replacement.

While that was good news, I had already thought about upgrading to a dual camera system, and moving the Z3 back to the 4Runner anyway.  Since Z edge’s customer service was so easy to deal with I decided to give their S3 model a try.

The front camera was obviously pretty easy since I had already done the hard wire on the Z3.  The rear camera needed a few more steps however.

I started by taping the camera in place to get an idea of where I wanted it.  Once I was happy with the location it was time to start running the wire.  The angled plug made fishing it through the grommet a bit challenging.  A little WD-40 lubrication did the trick though.  To keep the hole for the wire as small as possible, I drilled the large hole in the center and then used a dremel tool to cut a small slit out to the side.  The mount for the camera covers the majority of the hole this way.  The rest of the wiring was pretty straight forward and was run along the bottom rail of the car to avoid any interference with the side airbags up top.

Now we should be able to capture twice the douchebaggery on our daily commutes!

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