Amazon Ordering JDM Style

Owning mostly older cars, I’m pretty accustomed to not being able easily order or find parts.  You wouldn’t think a 2016 would have these issues, but finding Prius C parts in the US can be a bit of a challenge.  The “Prius” isn’t well liked among most of your standard automotive enthusiasts so nothing seems to be stocked here, and even if you ask to special order it, you often don’t get a response.  Because of this, I’ve taken to searching for alternative ways to order things.  Searching part numbers I was often led to  Eventually I figured out at the bottom of the screen was a language button to change things to English.  From there you can select the option on the left to only search for items eligible for international orders.

I placed an order for the “Dust Box Aqua Exclusive Side Box Trash Can” as a test order.  The shipping wasn’t bad and with it included the order was actually cheaper than buying the off of eBay here.  Shipping time was quicker than I thought it would be.  The order was placed on Feb 26th and showed up on March 1st.

The only real downside was the box took some abuse on the way over.  The contents were in good shape at least.

The parts themselves are kinda cool.  They aren’t anything I couldn’t live with out, but at least it hides the trash that ends up in the door panels on a daily drives.  Most important though is knowing that this is in fact an option to get some of these parts now!

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