I’ve been wanting some better floor mats for the Hachi since I picked it up.  The ones that were in it matched well, but didn’t fit great and moved around a lot.  They also didn’t hold up to actual driving too well.  The drivers side was looking pretty ratty after a few road trips in it.  I did some searching and found a few old threads on various forums recommending Lloyd Mats.

The customer service was great and they happily sent out color samples before hand.  These happen to be the 044 color code.  When the mats arrived I was initially disappointing that they did match the OEM “saw tooth” shape, but the fit is pretty good, and they did lay down over the hump in the floor after being in the car for a day or so.  I’ll update again with how well they last.  Either way they are protecting the carpet and the match is pretty spot on, so we’re already winning!

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