Show Season Prep

The Hachi has never really gotten too dirty in my hands, but it was looking a little dusty.  While it had a fresh coat of wax on it last time it was washed, it was a little envious of the Hi C and FX’s recent details with the Chemical Guys products.  Time to remedy the situation.

We started with a normal wash using Maxi Suds II wash.  The body was the followed up with some light buffing in a few spots using some of the items from the Buffing Kit.  If you have minor blemished that need to be fixed this kit will be more than enough.  If your car has many years of neglect, this will probably just be enough to tease you with what you need to buy to do the complete car.  (depending on car size and condition of course)  The good news is the compounds seemed to be good, and the pad cleaner works awesome.  I’ll have to wait until we give some of the stuff a try on something in worse shape to see what it can really do.

The next step was to treat the painted surfaces to Wet Mirror Finish. (Lead Shot)

After the proper dry time and hand buff, we moved on to the Jet Seal. This is the same process we used on the other cars, but this time we took things a step further.  Rather than contain it to just the painted surfaces we covered trim and glass as well.  I’m anxious to treat the others to the same process.   We’ve had such good luck with the sealant keeping the paint clean on the daily drivers that I’m thinking we should have really positive results here.

The wheel wells weren’t terribly dirty since I scrubbed the hell out of them after I first picked up the car.  They were still dirty however, and it has been a year since I cleaned them.  We started by using a very diluted mixture of the Orange Desegreser and a light brush with some water.  We finished it off the Bare Bones Undercarriage Spray and just followed the direction on the bottle. 

For the wheels themselves, we gave them a second wash, followed by a little bit of Mothers Mag Wheel Polish.  I’m sure Chemical Guys has something amazing for polishing as well, but I’ve got a full tub of Mothers and no complaints with this product.

We did finish them up with the Chemical Guys Max Coat Wheel Sealant.  My best advice here is wear gloves.  My fingers had a big of a green tinge from just doing the first wheel without gloves. The Toyo Tires were touched up with the Silk Shine Dressing.  If I’m honest I would like to spend more time on the wheels, but then I still have some Equips collecting dust, so maybe I will clean and seal those for re-install while I give the SSR’s a real once over.

Overall the car looks amazing and with a few more engine bay, interior and undercarriage touch up it should be ready for show season.  Now I just need to start thinking about which shows.

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