Hi C is Turning 30k

Toyota says at 30k you should do an oil change, rotate the tires, install new air filters, and the usual nut and bolt inspection stuff.

So I ordered up the Air Filter and Cabin filter from Lithia Toyota.

Of course I have my own opinion about what should be done at 30k.  So I ordered the TRD Sportivo shocks originally destined for the Yaris.  While we were shopping in the Yaris bin I added the rear “Sway Bar” on the list.

Since I didn’t have a good place to set up the rear bar for photos, I just went ahead and installed it.  From start to finish it took about 20 min with hand tools, including dragging everything to the front garage so I didn’t have to move cars out of the shop.  I’m looking forward to seeing how it effects things as a stand alone piece.  Then sooner than later adding the new shocks, and probably those regular maintenance items as well.

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