Get Em While They’re … Well Available

As cool as you and I both know the 84 Camry is, apparently it’s a well kept secret.  With Toyota discontinuing many of the parts years ago I’ve had to buy quite a few parts at Rock Auto now.  Well Rock Auto is continuing to clear out the “clutter” and offer close outs for this car.  I have bushings on order from Super Pro, and have plans to drop the car one way or another once the engine swap is complete.  I figured if I have to do an alignment, I might as well update what I can.  When you get an email offering you tie rod ends for under $4 each its tough to say no.

Of course part of this pricing could be the fact that only one of the two tie rods showed up correct.  The other was short and fat and didn’t even have a cotter pin that fit. Rock has rectified this by sending out another one. Hopefully it matches the “555” version from this order.

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