A Splishing And A Splashing

It’s winter in California.  While it isn’t the terrible weather much of the country can get, it does start raining here once and a while.  I know a little water never hurt anyone, but the debris it can wash onto the road can hurt things a bit.

The other factor is that while this car is sold in the US as the Prius C for “city”.  Well this one spends a bit of time in the country as well, and gravel is less than kind to the paint.

So that’s the why, now lets talk about the how.  I obviously started by calling Toyota, well Lithia Toyota, who told me nothing was available for the C.  Another modern Toyota disappointment. With that avenue exhausted I started searching forums, and the internet in general.  Not much luck there either.  Time to waste money on some trial and error.


I settled on two pairs of the “Road Sport” first.  Fitment wasn’t spectacular, so I then ordered up a pair of Yaris OEM Style. Fitment wasn’t terrible on the front, but the back was nowhere near right.  After putting things on hold for a while I wasn’t able to find anything really better.  I ended up using the Yaris front and a trimed pair of the road sports on the rear.  Mounting wise the Yaris will bolt on through the factory plastic inserts.  I want to say 2 of the 3 holes actually lined up.  The rear are universal fit so I drilled holes that lined up with the vent holes in the factory fender liners.  If I’m honest they sit a bit twisted, but I think I can fix that with a small bracket.  Until I get some time to make them however this is how they sit.

So bring on the rain!

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