Keepin It Glassy

So, driving through Sacramento the other day, I saw a rather large pipe looking object flying through the air at me.  Unfortunately traffic was too heavy to make any sudden moves, and to be honest evasive driving in a lifted SUV at freeway speeds isn’t my first choice anyway.  So,  BAM! The pipe looking object hit the windshield , and finally caused enough damage that I couldn’t live with it.

See I’ve been living with a few rather large rock chips and a whole lot of small pits for a long time now. Why? Fear!  Fear of shitty cheap glass.  A few of the other cars that have needed new glass have ended up with glass from a company called FYG.  To say I have been unhappy with this glass is an understatement.  It has curves and waves where it shouldn’t!

I started my search for the truck glass asking for the original PPG brand glass.  I was first told that this was no longer made.  I later found out that PPG had actually sold their glass division to LKQ about a 2 years ago and it is now under the name PNG.  LKQ has ruined quite a few of my favorite salvage yards over the years, so they wouldn’t be my first choice for a glass company.  I decided to go with the Pilkington brand.  I had this in my MR2 Spyder and was happy with it, so it was a good starting point.

It took two shops before I found one that could get the glass in their hands, but in the end it was worth it. Auto Glass Solutions in Woodland, CA was the shop that was able to get the glass and the install looks top notch.  They handled the alarm antenna wiring with out damaging it, or gluing it in place. None of the interior was damaged in the process, and overall just what you would expect on the install.

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