Sucking Blows

The V6 SV20 Camry air box doesn’t line up with the throttle body in a way that any of the stock intake tubes I found at the Pick N Pull would work with. I have a hunch that the stock GTS Celica one would have worked, or come close to it, but it didn’t come with the car, and finding one in a yard is difficult at best. I placed an order with ATP Turbo in Hayward, and stopped by to grab the parts on the way home.

Lets start with the positives:  The bend was great quality and maintained size and shape through the bend.  This means when you cut it mid bend it mates up to round exactly as it should.  Now the down side.  While I can fit the tube just as I want, the bends are too tight for the silicone couplers to fit.  I currently have a replacement transition that incorporates a 45 deg bend on order.  That will hopefully make things work a bit easier.  Until then I’m moving on to wiring.

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