Knowledge Is Power

While the mechanical side of this whole engine swap thing is almost done, the fabrication and wiring isn’t.

When I picked up the Camry, it came with the factory service manual which was a huge bonus.  The Celica however came with another copy of the same shitty auto parts store manual that I already had from owning a Celica or 10 back in the day.  Don’t get me wrong these are good manuals for someone starting off and trying to pull off a simple repair.  The factory service manual is a minimum if you plan to do any major work, and specifically if you need to do some major troubleshooting.

Now that I’ve praised the service manual, lets talk about what it doesn’t have.  A complete wiring diagram.  Sure it has a lay out, but sometimes you need more.  Enter the EWD, or Electrical Wiring Diagram.  I spent a couple of bucks on Ebay to pick up a few manuals from across the year range of what I was working on.  I was even lucky enough to score an extra service manual in one purchase.

And that should all make this spaghetti mess a lot easier to tackle.

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