Well It Ain’t Expensive And JDM, But It’ll Do

Confession time; if money was no object I would have loved to have done something awesome and JDM and preferably vintage or at least vintage looking for the exhaust.  Back in reality money is an object, and vintage Camry performance parts probably never really existed.  Either way that 1.5″ exhaust under the car now isn’t going to do the 3SGE any favors.  Maybe I’m being cheap, but I’m trying to keep this car on a budget.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying ghetto, I’m just saving money where I can.

Vibrant has a good reputation, but I’ve usually been able to find equal or better quality for less.  Right up until I was browsing Amazon and found this muffler for $26.  I couldn’t pass up the deal, because I’m sure they won’t stay that price long.  Right now I’m just waiting on picking up my intake bits to test the bend quality and I will order up the rest of what I need to make an exhaust.  In the mean time if anyone has any simple 80’s Style exhaust tips for sale, let me know!

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