Starting With A USB Port

It took a while to find a phone mount solution I liked, and while I eventually did, I still hated the charging solution.  Unless this is the first thing you have read here you probably already know I hate having visible wiring running everywhere.

Because my C is a trim level 2 car it didn’t come with the push button start.  It did however come with a block off plate where it was supposed to be.  I’m not a fan of block off plates, so I decided to fix it by adding a power port in its place.

I ordered up another one of these:

and shoehorned it into place.

It fits into the block off plug, but just barely. Its actually glued into place because its too tight to fit the nut on.


Wiring wise the factory “ignition” wiring is a bit small to be adding accessories to.  Instead I tapped it for a relay which draws power off of a Blue Sea Fuse Box that I added in.  Currently the added fuse box is only drawing power from the main power feed to the factory power distribution box.  Future plans involve running a dedicated power from the battery up.  Probably when I do some stereo upgrades.



I finished it up by ordering a bright orange but proper length cable to connect my phone.  Now I have a tidy dash, a voltage read out, and a phone that stays charged on my ridiculously long commute.



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