My Rent To Own Plan Pay Off!

I got an email from Vim the other day saying that the SSR’s weren’t going to fit with his new brake set up.  While I was bummed for him, I was excited that he gave me dibs on them.  They were a bit dustier than when I dropped them off from my time borrowing them, but they still had the brand new Toyo R1R’s on them that I left him with.  I happily gave him the cash and loaded them up in the truck and brought them home.

Don’t get me wrong I loved the way the Work Equip 03’s looked.  The offset was just a bit too aggressive for that tab that holds the bumper to the fender.  I know, 99.9% of you have just cut the tab off or mostly off, but I won’t do it!  Some day I’ll build the “stunt double” for this car and turn it into more of a race car.  This car is supposed to be able to go back to 100% stock if I want, so the tab stays.

The SSR MKII sit in just enough more that they miss the tab on suspension compression.  A small difference in look, a huge difference in the ability to drive the car.  The Work’s would rub on anything other than a very minor bump making it very nerve-racking to drive anywhere.  While I was borrowing the SSR’s I noticed they didn’t seem to rub.  I’ll have to push the car on the next drive to see just what it is capable of now.

Plus they still look damn good!  The only problem? That leaking axle seal I noticed when I swapped them out.

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