The Hi C gets a Cam Upgrade … well camera.

I picked up this dash cam a while back.

So far it has lived in the 4Runner for most of the time that I’ve had it. With the Hi C becoming the new daily driver it meant that it got to adopt the dash cam to make sure I wasn’t blamed for anything that wasn’t my fault.

I’ve never been a fan of wires running all over the dash, so I have been hard wiring radar detectors for years. The problem is that if the device isn’t in the car, you have a wiring hanging down.

Now that I have a 3D printer I am able to make little things like this power distribution block. The “phone” plugs are straight from Valentine 1 and the USB adapters came via Amazon. I drew it up so everything stayed in their original casing and just snapped into place and could be mounted to the windshield.

The wiring was run down to the factory aux port in the dash where it would have been plugged in normally.

To keep the wiring clean I unpinned and soldered directly to the pin to give it as much of a factory look as possible. The results are the ability to have the dash cam doing its thing with out wiring running everywhere, and if the camera isn’t there, the all of the wiring can disappear with it.

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  1. […] my answer was “I watched it fly out of the back of the truck, and you can clearly see it in my dash cam video”.  There really isn’t any valid argument that they can offer in return.  […]

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