The Re-Reddening!

I know kinda like seeing Darth Vader with out his mask right?  The dip had been on so long I kinda forgot what Red originally looked like.

The dip came off okay.  I should have sprayed it on thicker, and I don’t think it was meant to be on quite as long as it was.  We did use some Dip Dissolver to help the removal process, and eventually got everything all off.  I stand by my original statement that its a far better cheap solution to get a car to one color than a cheap “Maaco” paint job.  It lasts just as long and comes off way easier when you need it to.

I’m far from good at body work, but I got the quarter panel straightened out and even fixed some previous work that I found when I stripped it down to bare metal.  Anyway we have the San Jose shop for a couple more days, and I can’t think of a better going away present than to use it as a paint booth!

I’m not a complete asshole, we did plastic the walls and wet down the floor to keep it clean.  I was a bit smarter this time around and laid down a 2 gallons of gunmetal gray as a base coat just like DYC suggests.

After a 2 gallons of red dip, I added a whole lot of Carbon Red Pearl to a gallon of clear and sprayed it on.

Really the only problem is that I thought I had a second gallon of clear so my last spray was a little dry. I was hoping to go heavier on the second gallon of clear, but that didn’t happen.  My fault, but after spraying all of this with a cheap mask, I was a little special feeling.


I did order some new tail light gaskets from K Box via Twos R Us to help with re-assembly. Fitment was excellent, and hopefully this keeps the trunk a little bit dryer than in the past.


Last day in the shop, I spent the day doing reassembly on Red so it can make the trip out to the new shop.


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