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As a general rule I think we can all agree that engines need more than a single mount to stay in a car.  As I mentioned in the last post about the transmission I kept the trans mount that I had originally made when I first whet supercharged and used the E153 transmission.  Since that was positioned using the other 3 factory mounts I was fairly confident that it would line the engine up where it should be for the best axle geometry.

For the engine side mount, well that was going to be 100% custom.

I have been throwing random mounts into a tote for a while to have some choices when this time came.  I settled on the front mount from an SW20 and started cutting.

I left part of the original design intact.  No reason to redo something that would work.

I then made a plate that mounted to the engine bracket and cut a couple of slits in it to align things.   You can also see the caps I made to center then mount inside the OEM frame side mounts.

I wasn’t happy with the first attempt and ended up moving the engine back to square things up.

I welded up the extra cuts as well as the welded the mount to the bracket. A couple of gussets were added to make sure it could hold the weight.

While I’m confident that the axle alignment is pretty damn close to what the Supercharged MR2 was this wasn’t ideal for engine clearance.  There was a bit of trimming that happened to fix the above clearance issues.

The engine does seem to fit quite nicely now though.  Even the Caldina alternator position should work.

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