Undoing What I Just Did Like 15 Years Ago

So you may or may not remember that my old Supercharged MR2 had a E153 trans out of a 91 Turbo MR2 installed onto the 4AGZE bell housing.  About 12 years ago I used the trans in Whitey when I did the supercharged swap.  Now it was time to turn it back into a 91 Turbo MR2 trans by reinstalling the 3SGTE bell housing.  Luckily I really have been dragging this housing and the original gears from the GZE around all this time.

I didn’t take a ton of images of this process since this is basically going back to stock for this transmission.  Plus it’s messy and cleaning up repeatedly to take photos isn’t something I’m really patient enough to do!

The added benefit here is that the mount I originally made to mount this transmission into the NA chassis when I went supercharged will be my starting point to maintain the proper axle location that Toyota designated.

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