When I Dip You Dip We Dip

I got quite the order in today.  In addition to 2 Gallons of Red Plasti Dip, I got the “Dip Your Car” Sprayer System.

I’ve never done this before, but figured I would give it a try.  I’ve owned quite a few cars over the years with budget paint jobs.  Some were actually pretty good, some were crap.  Removing a cheap paint job to do it right always sucks.  I have played with Plasti Dip in a rattle can before and that was peeled rather easily.  If this is anything like that then it should be the perfect stop gap.  It has to look better than the primer front end, and faded red paint.

September 30th:

In the process of painting we are also planning to do a lot of clean up.  The carpet is coming out and will be fully washed.

October 3rd:

I’ve already touched up the body work, now its just time to clean this thing.  Then clean it again. And maybe even again after that.  We used Dawn dish soap to strip any wax or grease that might have been left behind.

We got a little bit more debris out of the depths of the two.

I finished up the day by using some regular spray cans of black Plasti Dip to dip the roof black.  I didn’t decide on this look until after I had placed the initial order which is why I went with the rattle can option.  If you have a choice, order the gallon.

October 4th:

Shit is about to get real!

Masked up and ready to go.

Layers going on.

The good news is that I’ve sprayed 2 gallons of dip on it.  The bad news is that the primer spots show through really bad.  To be fair, the DYC website did state that you should base a red dip with a darker color.  I figured red over red would be no big deal.  I was kinda right.  Red over red is no big deal, but red over spots on red, well now that’s a problem.

So far it’s not a bad 20 footer!

October 7th:

While we’re waiting on more dip to show up we continued the interior clean up.

October 11th:

We got more dip, time to put down more layers.

So most everything went well.  There were obviously a couple of issues.  I had the pressure hose pop out of the unit a couple of times.  Once near the door handle which created that rather nasty spot you see there.  I’ve read about a couple ways to attempt a fix, but we’ll see what happens.

Starting to look pretty good overall.

October 25th:

It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve had a chance to really play with this one. In that time I did spend a bit of time trying to fix the fuck ups. I was able to make the minor stuff better, but the major?  It turns out that it’s easier to re-shoot it than mess with it.

This wasn’t a huge deal since I still had the “aero kit”, spoiler, headlight covers, etc to shoot.  Now we just need to give it some dry time and re-assemble this thing.

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