What Have We Gotten Ourselves Into?

The week is over and we can finally spend a little time to see what this second hand barn find is all about.

The first order of business was to empty the interior out of some of the spare parts.

Then we moved on to the trunk.  First vacuuming out what had to be 20 lbs of acorn shells.  Followed by a whole lot of cleaner trying to remove that smell.

Then it was time to tackle the “problem area”.  I had done my best to wash out the bay at a car wash while we still had the car on the trailer….

…but obviously there were a few surprises under the covers down below.

Once we had the rubbish removed, the engine and the associated bits were next to fall out the bottom.

Oh yeah, and the block has a nice hole through the side of it.  Guess that explains why its been off the road for so long.

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