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If you ignore the lens caps in the box, you’re left with just the new parts for the Lexus.

Having owned a lot of cars over the years, and having a few of them messed with, my rule of thumb has become “if its worth locking, its worth alarming”.  Since I can’t go back in time and pick up a Clifford 9000 or even 900IQ, I settled for a Viper 5606V.  In all honesty I’ve had good luck with the Viper line, it’s just not my favorite to install.  Where Clifford had built in relays to do everything you could image, the Viper is very basic and you need a shit load of external relays to do extra functions.

While I was digging up relays and other parts, I knocked out the easy LED install and upgraded the reverse lights, and the license plate lights.  The dim old bulbs just weren’t very “luxury” looking.

After the LEDs were done, I couldn’t put off the hard part any longer.  I paired the new alarm and remote start with an older 555U Transponder Bypass, and a spare key I picked up at the local Lexus dealer.

The install took a while, but I wanted a lot of features.  The GS has the ability to to roll the windows up or down off of the drivers side door lock.  I tapped into this and added this feature to the alarm.  It did take a hand full of relays to make it work, but we talked about that earlier.

The remote start is working, the car is secured, and the windows and sunroof are all on remote and close when you are the alarm.  Now this is starting to feel luxurious.




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