Brake Yo Self

A WHILE ago I picked up some LS430 brakes.  A little bit of online research says these fit as long as you are willing to trim the dust shield, and add some roll center adjusters.  Sounds easy enough.

Obviously the new caliper will fill things out quite a bit better.  Before I order new rotors and pads to do the install, I have a plan.

To make things more difficult I decided to polish the aluminum calipers.  This is what’s taken forever to get these brakes, on the car.  Once finished though the look is amazing. For pads I ordered up some Akebono ceramic from Rock Auto along with a decent set of rotors.  For Roll center adjusters, I actually ended up making my own.  These really aren’t much more than spacers cut on the lathe, and I didn’t end up taking photos.

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