Mounting And Sucking

For the upcoming SEMA trip I needed to clear up some room in the back of the 4runner so I finally copied the brackets I originally made for the jack, and added the additional brackets needed for shovel mounting.

The only problem with them is that the “shovel” I had for the truck was nice and petite so it would fit in the back with no problem.

Now that it’s on the top it looks……. well cute ….

The other plus side to this is that I think I could actually do a double bracket to fit an axe and shovel combo on one side. I’ve never needed an axe, but it never hurts to be able to carry more gear for certain trips.

Final pic of the jack re-mounted on the other side of the truck.

No I don’t believe in quick wing nut mounts. I carry enough tools that removing a couple nuts to gain access isn’t a problem, and I liked the added security.

This wasn’t all I got accomplished this week though.

I made this:

I know my intake is awesome!  Actually it’s just a temporary setup but it serves a purpose…. I needed more room.

Battery tray isn’t quite done yet, but figured I would share the progress pics. I still have to make a bracket for the cruise control, and actually do some testing on the intake and finalize a design. For now it works though.

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