“Can We Go See The Mountains?”

My parents were out visiting from Nebraska, and asked to “see the mountains”.   Well I suppose you could just go drive by the mountains, but what fun would that be?

We headed up towards Big Bear, Ca and Hit up “Heartbreak Ridge”.   If you aren’t familiar with this trail, here’s a description from the web:

“2N61Y – Heartbreak Ridge Highlights

Heartbreak Ridge is one of the less commonly know trails in Big Bear but is on the list of hardest trails. Because of its location on the east side of the mountain range, this trail doesn’t see much traffic. But just because there is not much traffic on this trail doesn’t mean it is a easy one. With several rock gardens, several spots with high roll over risks, and a narrow difficult canyon, this trail will provide most drivers with an enjoyable day of off-roading.”

This was their first time doing anything like this so they got a little nervous in a few spots, but I think overall had a good time.

The truck did come back with a few new souvenirs:

Luckily a little bit of time with the buffer had the paint is back to looking good. The wheel? Well this probably won’t be the last rock rash it gets.

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