X Mas Trip Prep 2010

With the upcoming holiday and some travel plans in the near future the 4runner got a little more love……

OME 890 Springs for the rear:

Why just the rear? well part of the holiday plans include bringing my Supra shell out, as well as quite a few parts. I figured i would upgrade the rear now and then do the front after I’m done abusing the 4runner as a tow rig.

It does sit with about 2″ of rake right now but compared to the slightly sagged look that is usually had with any gear in the back, this is a welcome change.  No i didn’t change out to the OME shocks, and so far the Bilsteins ride great with these springs.

Next up for this weekend was to address the small lighting issue. Mainly the HID conversion got rid of my brights and i wanted something to light up the mountains on this trip.

PIAA 520s fit what i was looking for and so far are more than impressive. Of course its almost impossible to find somewhere truly dark in “so cal” with out a bit of driving, so the cool night shots will have to wait. I wired them in to work in place of the brights. I did have to add a second relay to be able to keep the HID’s on while these were engaged, but i ended up with what i wanted which was everything still being controlled off of the stock switch.

Last thing for the weekend was some quick brackets to hold my “hi lift” (so its a cheap HF copy for the time being) to the stock roof rack.

I’ll have to upgrade to a real hi lift after i have more areas to use it on the 4runner. I did want it for trailer use (they work great if you need to unhook a loaded trailer that doesn’t have its own jack like most of the uhaul rental POSs).

The other upgrades not pictured are the new Weather Tech floor liners and Pioneer AVH P4200 for some inside entertainment.

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