Old School With The Off Roader Again

If you aren’t local to us, you probably don’t pay attention to our weather.  No I don’t blame you, I probably don’t care what your daily weather is either.  To catch you up, rain has been a pretty consistent ingredient lately.  While getting the cars wet isn’t a huge deal, I draw the line at muddy.  I hate cleaning mud off of the truck, and its “designed” to get dirty.  I’ll be damned if I’m scrubbing the wheels wells out again on one of the other cars!

So that’s why the 4Runner once again got to go hang out at the Old School meet.  Turn out was a little on the light side, but there was still some cool rides, and more heading that way as we were heading out.  Maybe by next month the yard here will be dried out and I can once again get my cars out of storage.


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