Old School January 2019

The start of a new year means the start of more automotive events.  Beginning with the first Old School meet of the year.  “Coincidentally” the day of this meet lines up with a work meeting that keeps me in San Jose later than the easy time to commute home, so we usually at least stop by until the traffic dies down a bit.

The 4Runner isn’t the best fitting ride for this event, but its a little closer than the Hi C is.  The rest of the cars? Well they have sort of a “Schrodinger cat” thing going on right now.  They have been sitting covered since early December of last year at the latest.  I might pull the covers off and find them alive and well, or I might pull the covers off and start making a task list for this year.  For right now I’m happily enjoying my ignorance.  You can happily enjoy the few photos below from the meet.

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