Thinking You’re Done Early Just Leads To More Stuff To Get Done.

So we missed our annual trip last year, and the truck and trip were both pretty well sorted out so you would think we would be ready to go.  Even with the bumper and associated changes happening lately, we were pretty much set.  Their are a few old sayings about idle hands, and I guess they are true.  Since the list we had was fairly minimal, I started thinking about other “discomforts” on these trips.  I won’t say problems, because they usually aren’t enough to be thought about until you’re in the moment.

As the lead shot shows, one of the additions is ammo cans.  No we aren’t mounting a 50 cal gun to the roof.  If I was it would be the Hi C for the daily commuting anyway.  No it just so happens that these particular “50 cal” ammo boxes are the perfect size for bread.  We finally have storage for our non refrigerated foods.  Of course they stack with each other perfect, and they even stack with the tire chains under the same strap.

One of the other minor inconveniences in the past has been the re-arranging of luggage required to set up the bed on a nightly basis.  It’s only a pain if you’re traveling everyday.  Which of course we are.  I picked up a Pelican 1650 case to basically become a big roof mounted suitcase.  If we were leaving home and only staying outdoors this wouldn’t be an issue.  Since we have a week with family in the middle of this thing its nice to have more than a couple outfits, and something more than hiking boots to put on.  The idea is that the “destination clothing” can live inside the Pelican on the roof and stay there until we arrive at the hotel.  At which time we can pull it off and wheel it in like a normal suitcase. Time will tell if it works.

Now the question comes up.  How do you mount a Pelican to the roof? Oh and I don’t want to drill through it.  Oh and it has to come off with out emptying it, but not a moment before. And of course it has to share space with the Maxtrax that still need to go up there. That’s what that box and those black bars will hopefully solve.  4 pieces of 80/20 extruded aluminum T-slot material and a lot of custom hardware will hopefully be what I need to convert the stock rack into a very low profile and versatile mounting system.  We’ll find out shortly, since this weekend is the time scheduled to build it.

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