Sunny Days Are Here Again

The Camry is once again driving under it’s own power! woo hoo!

While the engine wiring has been done for a while now, the automatic transmission had not been even really thought about yet.

Last weekend I finally had a chance to get the cars re-arranged to gain full access to the passengers side door, and started by mounting the engine ECU.

Not to get completely off topic here, but I was a little surprised to find the factory sub woofer that lives below the original ECU.  I know the later Toyota’s of the decade had enclosures and passive radiator style speaker configurations, but I didn’t realize this was actually there.

Anyway, once the “Fuel Injection Controller” was out and the ECU in its place. I started working on finding a home for the ECT controller.

The 3SGE ECT controller wasn’t much larger than the 2SE unit, but did have its plug in the wrong place to bolt in above the speaker where the factory one was.  I eventually decided on the double side tape method to mount it to the top of the engine ECU.

First I had to do a little bracket removal.  The spot weld cutter came in handy once again for this job.

Eventually the spaghetti mess got tamed down to a well managed harness that all fit behind the glove box and flows under the dash to the original ECU location just like stock.  It’s fairly easy to work on and trouble shoot as I found out on a couple of occasions since there may have been a wire or two that needed re-pinned after the fact.  I’ll save those details for the notes on this project that I will eventually post here.

For now how about a little tease of how our patient’s recovery is going:

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