Old School Meet March 2018

The original plan was to take Red out to this, but Red wasn’t as happy with the recent tire upgrade as I was, so there had to be a substitution made.  The Hachi isn’t even normally on the suggestion list for the Thursday meet. The morning commute traffic is full of idiots and just more risk than I want to take. Luckily the traffic was lighter than normal since it was a holiday weekend.  Since the FX lives in the San Jose area, bringing that out was much easier, and just needed a little extra clean up to wash off some of the daily driver.

While we had easy traffic on the way in, holiday traffic and the storage unit curfew meant we had to bail a little early.  Other peoples photos showed that quite a few cool rides showed up after we left, including a few Nissan GTR’s.  The cool ones, not the modern flappy paddle versions.  Oh well maybe next month the cool kids will come out a bit earlier so we can check things out.  Until then, here’s a little more of what we did see:

Full Photo Set

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