This Is Getting Exhausting

If you remember back when the engine went in the cross member had a bit of a rubbing issue with the exhaust.  Then after it was up and running there was a small fire issue from all the oil that had collected in the exhaust.  So we ordered up some new parts.  Well that stuff has been sitting in a box waiting to get back on this project.  All the meanwhile the exhaust has been getting louder.  Now that the MR2 doesn’t have parts scattered everywhere, and the Camry is pretty solid, its the perfect time.

A couple weeks ago we came across and FX16 in the local yard, and I spotted part of the B pipe.  Unfortunately the cat had been hacked out in typical “pick n pull a part” fashion ruining the part.  It looks pretty close to the one we had under the car but then how different would this really look from an MR2 part which is what I kind of assume we have now.



Having finished Red’s B pipe the other day, I happened to have the perfect 16 valve 4AGE B Pipe start for an upgrade.   With the new catalytic converter, bends and muffler we were set to start the new exhaust.







I did save the HKS exhaust tip from the old system.  It was so dirty when we got it, we never even knew it was an HKS Sport Exhaust from back in the day until someone recognized the tip. I polished up the tip as best possible with out taking off the original sticker.  From there I mounted the muffler and worked on connecting the dots.  This wasn’t my first exhaust, but let me just say this pretty much sucks with out a lift  Eventually I got everything fitted and welded.  The 2.5″ size was a bit tough to fit “over the axle” in the rear.  With the lowered suspension it does rub a bit over large bumps.  Overall though the sound is good, and not overly loud.

I’ll try and work on figuring out a way to stop it from rubbing, but for now I’m going to do a bit more “test driving” before giving Jamie back her car!


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