86DRIVE’s End Of Summer 2016 Celebration!

I originally met Plato at the MR2 events back when we both had black MR2 Spyders.  We have both since sold off the Spyders and both now own 86’s of one type or another.  I don’t know the exact hierarchy of the 86 Drive, but I know he has been heavily involved since the beginning.

Even though my 86 is a little older than what the 86 Drive guys and gals have we still occasionally show up to some events.  The people are always friendly, and we usually learn a thing or two about those modern 86 cars.

Today was no exception and we even had a decent drive out to The Junction Bar And Grill in Livermore.  I did get a couple reminders that my front wheel fitment is a bit too aggressive and some of the faster corners, but otherwise it was a good time.  If you happen to own one of the modern 86s and live in or plan to be in the Bay Area check out the 86 Drive site for more of their events.

Full set in my Automotive Collection

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